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Following the new technologies, considering the needs and expectations of customers, with the participation of all "Demkop Iron and Steel" employees "quality level" and "efficiency" to adopt to increase "quality, control and development" will be obtained and "with appropriate materials" quality products With the principle of ğin training and motivation ğı applied to its employees with the awareness that gerekti it must be supplied tedarik, it aims to protect the environment and to be the lider leader ünde in the sector as a requirement of its respect and responsibility towards the society in which it lives.

Demkop Iron and Steel solution partner is always at your service with the most reasonable price and highest quality product policy. As Demkop Demir Çelik, we have always endeavored to give you the best service. As Demkop Demir Çelik, we have created our website in order to better communicate with our valued customers. You can contact us through our web site, you can send us your comments and criticisms about our company. Our company continues its sales and after-sales services that will make all our customers feel special with the principles of looking to the future with confidence and believing in customer satisfaction with all stakeholders. WHY U.S? Our understanding of quality service with standards. Our customer-centric price and after-sales service policy. "We are a big family with all our stakeholders that we serve and serve." our understanding.

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